Leadership Track

Bachelor of Science in Health Science Major Core | 22 credits

Must be taken by all students in the major.

HS 200 Intro to Healthcare and Health Professions
HS 210 Healthcare Leadership (1 cr)
HS 204 Introduction to Research in Healthcare
HS 306 Health Management Info Systems
HS 315  Behavioral & Mental Health
HS 351 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care
HS 353 Diversity & Disparities in Health Care
HS 355 Health Research Capstone

Health Science Leadership Track Elective Courses

Leadership Track majors must take 22 credits of HS required major core courses and 30 credits of electives. Some of the 30 major elective credits may include professional courses transferred into the University from the health related associate degree program. The remaining credits of electives will be drawn from HS designated electives and/or Arts and Science courses as approved by the HS advisor.