Student Testimonials

Jamie DamatoJamie Damato, MSHI '18

When I started my career at an insurance company more than 30 years ago, I assumed I would climb the corporate ladder as an IT executive until I reached retirement age.  However, corporate success was not as fulfilling as I once thought it would be. Several years ago I started thinking about an encore career. I was as aimless as a high school senior trying to pick a major. Once I found Sacred Heart’s Healthcare Informatics program, my future was clear!

I was initially skeptical about an online program providing the same level of rigor as an in-person offering. I didn’t think I could get the same experience, be sufficiently challenged and learn as much from an online program. I decided, however, to keep an open mind. I was thrilled to find that online learning is actually quite demanding; students are expected to share thoughts and ideas with classmates every week – everyone participates. This knowledge-sharing has been invaluable; many of my classmates came from a clinical background so we were able to share very different perspectives with one another.  

By leveraging my IT expertise with this Masters in Healthcare Informatics, the job opportunities are endless. I could not be happier with my decision to enroll in this program and I am eager to start my encore career.

Asma Ahmed‌‌Asma Ahmed, MSHI ‘15
Healthcare Informatics Associate, St. Vincent’s Health Partners

Graduating from the Healthcare Informatics program at Sacred Heart University has not only given me the knowledge needed to be part of the industry but has opened contacts within the existing healthcare community leaders and experts. Joining the program without healthcare knowledge did not discourage my professors in giving me a competitive environment to progress. Each professor was dedicated to providing me resources and guidance whenever I needed it. Our professors reflected years of experience from the different facades of the healthcare industry ensuring that we receive both text book knowledge and applicable real world scenarios. The balance in the education I received here, at Sacred Heart University greatly set path to my current job.

Faculty in the Program assisted me in getting an internship at St. Vincent’s Health Partners along with a New England HIMSS scholarship for the internship. These elements opened a pathway to my current position as the Healthcare Informatics Associate and has set a progressive course for my career path. My overall experience and time during the Healthcare Informatics program has set a strong foundation for me to succeed in the industry with confidence.

Megan WoodMaegan Wood RN, BA, M.Div
Clinical IS Coordinator, Visiting Nurse Services of CT

‌For years I searched for the right program, from a reputable university, to expand my nursing career into the realm of Healthcare Informatics. When Sacred Heart University announced its Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics program I knew I found the right program. Having received my undergraduate degree from Sacred Heart I was acutely aware of the attention given to students to ensure their success.

Now, one course shy of graduation, I am certain I found the right program as a change in my job has already occurred which I feel is a direct result of education. My employer, Visiting Nurse Services of Connecticut, has seen my personal and professional growth from the MS in Healthcare Informatics program. Prior to beginning the program I simply trained staff on how to work with an electronic health record. Now I use my clinical nursing background with data mining and analyzing attained from this program to improve the quality of care we provide and continuous improvement for clinician usability. As such, I function as a liaison with the Information Technology and Performance Improvement departments as well as our software vendor to beta test releases and recommend enhancements. Obtaining my MS in Healthcare Informatics from Sacred Heart University has been life changing in so many ways - opening doors that I never thought could be opened.

George BuahinGeorge Buahin
Applications Specialist, Meditech‌, Inc.

‌Enrolling in Sacred Heart University’s Master of Science in Healthcare Informatics program is one of the best decisions that I've made as both a professional and student. I entered the program with a  minor understanding on the impact that  healthcare IT and informatics has within the industry. Two years later, I now work as an Application Specialist for Meditech. The knowledge that I've acquired from the Healthcare Informatics program has become an asset in my new career. Through the dedication and hard work of my professors, I find myself with a breadth of knowledge that has given me many tools to thrive in the HIT industry.

The Healthcare Informatics faculty are passionate about developing their students, have challenged me academically and pushed me to become a better person. The lessons that I have learned from this program are invaluable and I consider my experience in this program as a milestone in my life.

Thomas Goodison
Applications Specialist, Imaging & Therapeutic Services, Meditech, Inc.

Upon entering the Healthcare Informatics program here at Sacred Heart, I was working for a Rehabilitation Department with limited IT experience. This program has given me the educational foundation I needed to begin my Heath IT career with one of the leading Electronic Health Record vendor’s MEDITECH, Inc.

Anthony BrockmanAnthony Brockman, MSHI, CPHIMS
Director of Healthcare Informatics & Technology, St. Vincent's Health Partners, Inc.

‌‌After 15 years in healthcare and IT the Sacred Heart Healthcare Informatics program was absolutely the right program at the right time for me. During my career many of my experiences convinced me that there were safer, less disruptive, and more efficient ways to implement technology in the clinical environment. To lead successful clinical technology implementations I felt that I needed to add best practice knowledge to my many years of experience. At Sacred Heart I was not only able to learn these best practices, but to also make contacts with many of the current and future leaders in the healthcare and informatics industry. During my time in the program I achieved a much deeper understanding of the healthcare industry. What I learned in the program is currently helping me to lead my organization through healthcare reform while providing better outcomes for patients. The program will give you great understanding of the struggles and challenges that hospitals and providers are experiencing with the influx of new technology and regulatory changes. Moreover, it will also prepare you to help them!

Deborah PicchioneDeborah Picchione, RN, MSHI '17
Clinical Informatics Analyst, Western Connecticut Health Network

The Healthcare Informatics Program at Sacred Heart was instrumental in attaining my career goals. As a registered nurse, I wanted to find a way to help improve the lives of a greater number of patients. During my two years at Sacred Heart University, I have discovered the impact healthcare Information Technology has on getting quality care to our patients. As a result of an internship opportunity through the Program, I was able to have a hands-on experience and gain many valuable skills and connections. 

My professors were always willing to assist and mentor me every step of the way. The combination of coursework, faculty support, and real-world experience ultimately led me to my current position as a Healthcare Informatics Analyst. I am very proud to be a Sacred Heart University graduate, and I look forward to using my skills and knowledge to touch the lives of many patients.

Employer Testimonials

St. Vincent's Health Partners Logo‌St. Vincent's Health Partners, Inc.
Thomas A. Raskauskas, M.D., CEO/President

St. Vincent’s Health Partners in Bridgeport CT is the first URAC accredited Clinically Integrated Network in the country. As we have expanded our workforce to develop our population health model, we had difficulty in recruiting the properly trained employees for our IT needs. We partnered with Sacred Heart University and the Masters in Healthcare Informatics program to provide an internship opportunity for students enrolled in the program. Our first intern coming through demonstrated the skills we were looking for, and as she finished her courses, she offered her full time employment. We are happy to have one of the first graduates of the program in our organization, and feel that the training she received at Sacred Heart University met the needs of this rapidly developing field of population health informatics.

MEDITECH LogoMedical Information Technology, Inc.
Tom Oliveira, Supervisor (ITS/PCM/PDOC/EMR)

Having an actively engaged staff member who greatly cares about Health IT is a great asset in this industry. Through his sessions at Scared Heart, my staff member, Tom, has learned how his role fits into the larger Healthcare Industry and how Health IT can impact the care of a patient. I am glad to see this level of engagement from Tom and how it has positively affected his career here at MEDITECH.