Outcomes and Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes for Exercise Science Program

  • Demonstrate proficiency in health and fitness assessment
  • Develop safe and effective exercise programming based on the FITT principles which address all health-fitness related variables
  • Develop safe and effective programming to enhance athletic performance
  • Develop evidence-based strategies for promoting physical activity initiation and maintenance
  • Effectively manage fiscal, physical, and human resources for health fitness facilities

Curriculum Map

View a curriculum map linking all required Exercise Science undergraduate courses to the exercise science undergraduate student learning outcomes is available. The exercise science undergraduate curriculum was developed by the exercise science faculty to ensure all graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Exercise Physiologist (EP-C) exam. The ACSM EP-C Knowledge and Skills are outlined here.

Rubrics for Assessing the Exercise Science Student Learning Outcomes

This Rubrics document includes rubrics which will be used to assess each of the exercise science student learning outcomes listed above.

View the Rubrics document