Mission, Goals & Objectives


The Athletic Training (AT) program is based on a solid liberal arts and science foundation designed to foster the development of human values, effective interpersonal skills and a scientific foundation for the major area of study. Consistent with the goals and objectives of liberal arts and science tradition, the program functions both didactically and clinically. 

The goal of the didactic and clinical components is to provide students with a well-rounded base of knowledge relative to the profession of athletic training. Concurrently, the program fosters the student’s ability to critically think, analyze information, and communicate both verbally and in written format in an intelligent and effective manner. The program’s clinical experience also enables students to develop interpersonal skills, and provides opportunities to shape and develop associated moral and ethical behaviors. Additionally, the Athletic Training program seeks to develop knowledge and clinical skills needed to prepare for professional and personal development.

Goals of the MSAT Program

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the interrelationships of the various components of athletic training as they relate to a comprehensive wellness team
  2. Exhibit appropriate proficiency in oral and written communication
  3. Demonstrate an ability to critically analyze published research
  4. Design, conduct, and report scholarly activity
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking skills and formulate appropriate clinical decisions
  6. Demonstrate mastery of the educational competencies
  7. Effectively and respectfully provide patient care for people of diverse cultural backgrounds
  8. Demonstrate safe and effective clinical decision-making in athletic training practice in a manner that integrates quality improvement, evidence-based practice, and patient-oriented outcomes.
  9. Contribute to the profession through the development and participation in new ideas and insights.

Objectives of the MSAT Program

  1. 75% of students will pass the BOC exam on their first attempt
  2. 80% of students are employed, enrolled, or preparing for a post-graduate academic program within six months of graduating
  3. Students receive a quality education from professors and preceptors
  4. Students successfully complete a capstone project, earning an 80% or higher on the grading rubric.

Athletic Training Overview Book