Leo Katsetos, MS Ed, ATC, LAT

Leo Katsetos, MS ED, ATC, LAT

Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director /Head Athletic Training

What is your favorite thing about teaching Athletic Training at SHU?
Having the opportunity to impact students not only in the clinical setting as a preceptor, but in the classroom as well and watching them apply what they are taught in the classroom to real life situations is very rewarding.  To also hear from former students who have graduated and moved on as certified athletic trainers just to say thank you for pushing them or making them practice skills until they were proficient because of a real life situation they were put in, makes everything worth it.

What is your favorite part about Athletic Training?
Having an impact on a student-athletes life.  Knowing that your skill set and knowledge matters.  That it can help save a student-athlete’s life or take them from the day the get injured, all the way through until the day they return to play, through emergency response, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation...It’s priceless and a paycheck in itself.

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