The Creative and Performing Arts at Sacred Heart University

The Creative and Performing Arts


Sacred Heart University

            Housed in the College of Arts & Sciences and rooted in liberal arts tradition and Catholic Intellectual Tradition, the creative and performing arts at Sacred Heart University strive to provide each student with an awareness of and an appreciation for the beauty and order of artistic endeavor.  The creative and performing arts inculcates an aesthetic approach to the physical worlds of sight, sound, and space, emphasizing not only the achievement of creativity, but the very processes that foster those achievements.  They afford students multiple opportunities to develop their imaginations, employ their unique creative activities, discover themselves as aesthetic beings, acquire knowledge about the world of art, and ultimately become makers of the beauty and order they have been taught, by their study of the creative and performing arts.

            Additionally, the creative and performing arts serve to enrich the university at large.  By summoning from within all of us a response to our spiritual and aesthetic needs, by fulfilling the desire for order felt by all, by allowing us to indulge our mysterious sense of the beautiful, by connecting us to the historic treasury of art, music, drama, literature, fiction, creative non-fiction, the essay, photography, and film – in short, by teaching and delighting, the creative and performing arts play an integral and critical role in helping us realize fully our essential humanity.

            Dedicated to the interdisciplinary and multifaceted nature of the creative and performing arts, Horizons is a student edited journal that showcases the talent of students (undergraduate and graduate) in writing, art, and photography.  These works strive to awaken the sensibilities, to challenge assumptions, and to extend and encourage lively debate.

            As a student edited journal, student editors are needed in poetry, fiction and drama, creative non-fiction and the essay, art and photography.  Independent study hours are possible.  For information about becoming a student editor or submitting work to Horizons, please contact Dr. Sandra Young, faculty editor, Department of English and Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures.

            For more information about the creative and performing arts at Sacred Heart University, please contact the departments of Art and Design, Communication and Media Studies, English, Music, and the Performing Arts.