Table of Contents


A Mathematical Procedure - Mark Podesta

Little Boy Looking Back - Andrew Lawler

Three dimensional cardboard - Mark Podesta

The Thing with Feathers - Mary Awad

Summaries - Amie Reilly

Mother and Child - Rachel Fogerty

Lou's Yard - Noelle Monk

Twilight - Andrew Lawyer

Dancers in Pink - Rebecca Zebdeco

"One Dollars" - Elizabeth Lezama

Change of Time - Evan Morse

Walk Through Time - Kimberly Woodruff

Untitled - Sean Elliott



Reflections of Zelda  - Michelle Naverro

Hold Back Time - Chris Balzano

Give Me a Dose of the Past - Linda Vicholia

Pinned Down -Vincent Ramaglia

The Stoltzes - Michael Manning

Study of O’Brien - Mike Abate

People and Escalators - Mark Podesta

Study After Sano - Rachel Fogerty

Envelopes - Sujatha Herne

Spiritual Contemplation - Amanda Sialiano

Freshness Guaranteed - Colleen Mason

The Multi-Purpose Plain T - Leah Arsenault

Edward Scissorhands - Alicia Provenzano

The Endless Journey - Meghan Souse

Thoughts - Keisan Gittens



Boys P - Alyssa Papacristos

The Future Is Now – Mike Abate

Refinement - Mark Podesta

A Helping Hand – Edward Garrity

Myth - Tess Kaallmeyer

The Vortex - Jennifer Clinton

“Believe” - Giorgio Scalone

Natalie Portman - Judith Downs

Brown - Mark Podesta

Vulgarity Works - Gina Gallow

Out on a Limb - Alicia Provensano

“Some Say” - Evan Morse

Down the Stretch - Elise Lorez



Mohegan Island - Meghan Souse

There’s a Bench in the Park - Mark Podesta

Gliding - Vincent Ramaglia

The One in Love with Life - Matt Wagner

Bette Davis - Alyssa Papacristos

How to Prepare for a College Date Night - Noelle Monk

Frog - Alyssa Papachristos

One Year Wiser - Stephanie Taglianetti

Blue Raspberry Popsicles - Mark Podesta

I Know - Britteny Burger

Lyrical Poster - Alyssa Papacristos

The Brain on Love - Thomas Burke

Color Wash - Alexa Duffey

"Untitled" - Keisan Gittens



The Great Below - Maria Damianon

A Love Song for Grover - Amie Reilly

One Last Dollar - Maria Damianon

Stress: Its Links to Madness - Caroline Bertram

Johnny Depp - Michelle Navarro

“Hunger” - Brent Middleton

Pork Chops and Apple Sauce - Mark Podesta

His Little Black Book - Elizabeth Lezama

In the Middle of the Room - Mark Podesta

Robert Downey Jr. - Holly Johnson

Red Oxfords and Grey Doors - Mark Podesta

Iron and Sea - Andrew Lawler

“Ode to Revolution” - Iyesha Jalloh

“I cried because I’m with you in Rockland” - Mark Podesta

“Maelstrom” - Justine Quammie Bassomb

Mermaid - Jon Vandermark

“Edna” - Mark Podesta

Night by SHU - Julia Romano

A Single Shot - Michael Manning

The Man in the Booth - Samantha Malachowski



Emergence Ugly Creature - Maria Damianou

Valleys - Mark Podesta

She’s Packing Her Things - Amie Reilly

"Shaky Bolt" - Justine Quammie Bassomb

The Silent Ship - Evan Morse

The Journey Home - Evan Morse

Mastercopy - Sara Race

Uneasy Peace - Thomas Burke

Salior's memoir - Meghan Souza

Strangling, Suffocating, Stifling - Marisa Papa

Don’t Go Back - Justine Quammie Bassomb

Road Trip: A Map to Finding Yourself - Mary Awad

Judgment Day Cancelled - Edward Garrity


Contest Winners

Rycenga Freshman Award Winner

Definitions of Heroism: An Attempt to Define the Inexpressible - Mary Awad


Undergraduate Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies Essay Contest Winners

The Removal of Eudemonism from Ethics - Giani DePalma

On the Synoptic Nature of “The Question About Fasting” - Victor Nieto


Writing Across the Curriculum Prize Winners

Third Place: GIS Analysis of Land Use Change¬†and its Impact on Lesina Lagoon, Italy -¬†Caitlin Neary

Second Place: Eastern Equine Encephalitis: An Assessment of Vermont’s Treatment Plan and the Lack of Preventative Treatment - Lauren E Bierman

First Place: Childhood Obesity and School Food Choices: Should the Government Intervene? - Elizabeth Acuna