Nick Aquilino is the Webmaster for Horizons for the spring semester. Nick is an English-Writing major and plans on graduating in May of 2014. His hobbies include writing, reading comics and watching films. 

Mary Awad is the Art and Photography Editor of Horizons and plans to graduate in May 2016. She is currently undecided but is thinking about pursuing a major in Digital Communication and a minor in English. She is from East Norwich, NY and is a part of the marching band. She has received the Thomas More Scholarship and the Rycenga Freshman Writing award. She does not have too bright an idea of what she wishes to do in the future but hopes to live in Boston while working a job she genuinely enjoys. 

Liz Lezama is an English major, Writing Concentration, from Norwalk, CT. She is graduating in May 2013. After college, Liz plans on working at a publishing company, editing children’s books and young adult novels. Liz hopes to one day go back and get her Masters in Editing or obtain a certificate in the field. In addition to being the essay and creative non-fiction editor for Horizons, Liz was also the Managing Editor of the Spectrum Newspaper. Liz’s writing has been published in Horizons Literary Journal, the Spectrum Newspaper, 4 Sunflowers Media, and Previewstay.com.

Samantha Malachowski serves as the Fiction Editor for Horizons this year after previously being published. Malachowski will be graduating in August 2013 with a major in English and a concentration in Writing. Along with Horizons, Malachowski has also worked as the Chief Copy Editor for The Spectrum and as a Classroom Learning Assistant for ENCC102. Her hobbies include reading, writing, video games, and cats. After graduating, Malachowski plans on obtaining her MFA and, eventually, a Ph.D in Rhetoric and Writing.

Justine Quammie Bassomb is the poetry editor of Horizons for the spring semester. Presently, she lives in Long Island with people and animals. She loves abstract painting, old films, anime and fresh ideas. Now that she is leaving Sacred Heart as an undergraduate she realizes she actually enjoys the company of other human beings.