Spring 2013 Vol. 28










These are some of the chapters in our lives. 

They come together to chronicle our milestones and journeys. Within the chapters of our books, we enjoy the innocence of youth; we grow and mature; we forget and renew our identities; we fall in and out of love, and possibly succumb to the madness and crisis of what life throws at us.

This year, Horizons celebrates closing one book and starting another by presenting “The Book Ends of Life,” a collection of imaginative stories, raw essays, pure poetry, and symbolic art. Our collection showcases the creative beginnings and ends of these journeys.



Edition Information:
Essay & Drama Editor: Samantha Malachowski
Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction Editor: Elizabeth Lezama
Poetry Editor: Justine Quammie Bassong
Photography/Art Editor: Mary Awad
Web Master: Nick Aquilino
Faculty Editor: Sandra Young 

Spring 2013