Subtle Wisdom - Brent Middleton

Subtle Wisdom
Brent Middleton
During a time of great devastation and anguish, a young man asked his Elder, “Dominus, why do you choose to live an continue to struggle and be re-broken every day?”
The Elder simply responded, “I live because I have faith, young one. I have faith that we’ll one day leave behind this abysmal nation for a land of justice and honor.”
The boy, ever persistent, questioned further: “But Dominus, you yourself claim no religion nor study and spirits nor worship any idols. What is it that you have such strong conviction in, such unshakable faith, when so many struggle to keep hold of the faith they’ve based their entire livelihoods on?”
The old man reached out and placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder. He looked him both seriously and tenderly in the eyes. “I do not waiver because I have faith in hope, my dear boy. With hope all is possible. Without, all is lost. With hope society can continue towards betterment; without, it would crumble and life would loose its meaning. Without hope, there is no life. And so you see, this is why I have faith in it—I must if I wish to believe in life.


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