Untitled - Ariel David

Ariel David
Though it seems like never ending night,
Soon you will see the light.
Do not despair or weep,
For everything is not as seems.
Even in endless night,
The stars guide till dawn.
Stand up if you believe
You are who you are.
Love others who do the same
Even from afar.
Speak out against people
Who choose to be afraid.
(Defend those unable
to stand up and join the fray)
If all this happens,
tomorrow will be a brighter day
Who are you to say,
Who someone can love?
Who someone can be?
Who are you to say,
If they go to heaven?
Or somewhere down below?
Who are you to say,
Love is one way?
When god himself has shown
Love dwells in all of us, in every home.
I see your crying faces and want to turn and say,
Shouldn’t you love your family?
Even if they’re gay?
Shouldn’t you love a person
Who is unafraid to say,
“Love me for being me, love me for being gay”
Who will fight for those too afraid to fight?
Who will stand up for those who cry at night?
Who will represent the people who love will all their might?
Will you stand for something, knowing it’s what’s right?


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