Cruel Cruel World - Kelley Bligh

cruel cruel world
Kelley Bligh
cruel cruel world
look what you’ve done to this baby
innocence poured out of his soul
like blood from his body
forced out of him by this thing
who claimed to be a man
no warnings or signs to the
innocents in its path.
evil exists alongside good this we know
but how could you make everything look the same
evil look just like good look just like us
you’ve made it fit in
made it fit in
to the naked eye
to unknowing unjaded   unfiltered eye
it lured this child in with its
sameness and familiarity
it looks just like his father his uncle and his brother
he supposes even he will look that way when he grows up
he still thinks he will and when he does that
this will be a good thing
that’s because he still believes everything you’ve told him
the lies you’ve fed
the truths you’ve hid
he doesn’t know about mistrust or untruths
he doesn’t know one wrong turn
one no-way-of-knowing wrong choice
can cost a life
can take his
can ruin millions
he still thinks he can ask for directions
and directions are all it will give
cruel cruel world
look what you’ve made
this stranger who we don’t know
we don’t know
but assume someone does someone must
that’s the way strangers work
just strangers-to-us
but it’s a stranger to all
fooled us all with Its seeming normalcy
of faked human movements
of faked human emotions
kindness as a form of manipulation
motivated by selfishness
masked by compassion
on its face, but not in its heart
when this boy turns the corner,
it knows he made the wrong turn
and knows what will happen next
though it does not know love
and never ever will
cruel cruel world
why would you do this to my baby
he never learned to see you for what you really are
he never learned that
bad things happen to good people which is best
because he never would have understood why
he left this world confused by
the pain and deceit
inflicted upon him
he knows nothing of violence or hate
but now the rest of us do
you’ve taught us all well
but cruel cruel world
how could you do that to such a sweet sweet baby


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