Taking Out the Trash - Christopher Mastrocola

Taking out the Trash
Christopher Mastrocola
Dr. Young gave us 10 random headlines from newspapers and asked if could construct them into a small monodrama…this is what I got…I hope you like it.
It’s 2012 and once again, the annual kiss-off begins with my best friend.  My friend always sends me this message every New Year’s and sometimes I wish he would forget. I mean with all the sex, drugs and e chords today, an uneasy search for truth comes when trying to look for the right one. I mean, kissing someone is easy but this contest, it’s just getting a little ridiculous. To be honest, I feel that men change. I am 20 years old right now and don’t want to be kissing random girls for the sake of gaining points to win the kiss-off. I feel like this is a blood sport sometimes. I remember this one girl who would not stop saying yes after we would kiss for 5 seconds. Every 5 seconds she would say, yes! We would kiss for 5 seconds. Yes! Another 5 seconds. Yes! And another 5. Yes!....Yes! Yes! Yes!....If I stayed there any longer that really loud and potentially uncomfortable situation could have became a lot worse. The mess I’m in has to stop and I need to put an end to his this immature game. From happy to happier I used to get but now, I think about everything I’m doing and I gave myself a tough review. From now on, this message will join the rest of the deleted messages. I guess you can say it’s time to take out the trash.


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