Food for Thought

Student and Faculty having breakfast


Get to know your top-notch faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences that help make Sacred Heart University so great! This program allows sophomore students within the College of Arts & Sciences to invite a professor to lunch. The purpose of the program is to allow students and faculty to get to know one another in an informal setting outside the classroom. Explore educational and research opportunities, discuss future career goals, or just dialogue about life and broader experiences. Capitalize on your faculty to provide guidance and be a source of inspiration, wisdom, and support!

Who is eligible?

This program is sponsored by the College of Arts & Sciences. In order to be eligible, you must be an undergraduate student, currently have sophomore status, and have officially declared a major in the College of Arts & Sciences (or be undeclared within the College of Arts & Sciences).

May I invite other students to accompany me?

Yes, a student group of no more than three students including yourself may invite a faculty member to lunch. The other two students do not need to be a sophomore or in CAS, though the invited faculty member must be from a CAS department. Information for all students will be required on the request form.

What do I need to do?

Complete the online invitation form at least one week before you plan to have lunch with a professor. The online form process will be used by you and the professor to establish a scheduled day and time for the lunch. Once scheduled, the professor will pick up a meal voucher from the Dean’s office of the College of Arts & Sciences in SC 124. 

How will it work?

The professor’s lunch will be covered by a meal voucher obtained from the Dean’s office. Eligible students on a meal plan will cover their meal costs with their own swipe or dining dollars. If a student is not on a meal plan, contact Mark Jareb. Ph.D. about having meal costs covered by the Dean’s office. Possible locations for the meal are Linda's, 63's or JP's Diner.