Degree Requirements

Students pursuing the minor must enroll in WS 201 Introduction to Women's Studies, SO263 Sociology of Gender or PS275 Psychology of Women, preferably at the beginning of their minor course of study. They then should select five courses (15 credits) from at least three disciplines that have been cross-listed as Women's Studies courses.


The following courses have been preapproved. New electives must be approved by the director of the Women’s Studies Program. Approval will be based on the centrality of the course topic with respect to the study of women, gender and sexuality.


  • WS299/MGT299 Women in the Workforce


  • WS256/CM 256 Magazines & Body Image
  • WS257/CM 257 Women & Advertising
  • WS351/CM 351 Women in Film & Television

Criminal Justice

  • WS224/CJ 224 Women and the Criminal Justice System 
  • WS225/CJ225 Domestic and Sexual Violence

Foreign Languages

  • WS372/FR 372 - Women Writers

  • WS373/IT 372 Women Writers


  • PS329/EN329 Postcolonial Women Writers


  • WS237/HI237 Women in American History


  • WS275/PS275 Psychology of Women
  • WS211/PS211 Human Sexuality

Social Work

  • WS140/SW140 Perspectives in Family Violence
  • WS226/SW 224 Human Diversity/Social Justice


  • WS239/SO239 Diversity and Oppression
  • WS263/SO 263 Sociology of Gender
  • WS216/SO216 Changing Families
  • WS202/SO 202 Sociology of the Body

Theology, Religious Studies and Philosophy

  • WS311/PH311 Gender and Philosophy
  • WS233/TRS 233 Women in Christianity
  • WS273/TRS 273 Religion and Sexuality
  • WS333/TRS 333 Women in Celtic Christianity
  • WS334/TRS 334 Catherine and Teresa
  • WS342/TRS 342 Human Rights
  • WS360/TRS 360 Women in World Religions
  • WS361/TRS 361 Women in Islam
  • WS362/TRS 362 Women in American Religion