Career Opportunities

The major in Sociology offers a preparation for students who want to pursue a graduate degree in sociology, anthropology, social work, education, public health, business administration, urban planning, criminal justice and law. Students interested in graduate school level should discuss their goals with the Sociology faculty.

Furthermore, the Sociology curriculum prepares students for entry into a diversity of career tracks in the private as well as the public sector.

Below is a partial list of career opportunities:

  • Advertising – Census Officer
  • Elementary School Teacher – Alumni Relations Officer
  • College Admissions Counselor – Fund Raiser
  • Grants Officer – Employment Counselor
  • Journalist – Group Dynamics Trainer
  • H.S. Social Studies Teacher – Liaison Officer
  • Insurance Representative – College Recruiter
  • Parole Officer – Human Resource Officer
  • Public Opinion Poller – Police Officer
  • Public Relations Officer – State Trooper
  • Recreation Counselor – Probation Officer
  • Market & Consumer Researcher – Development Officer
  • Community Organizer – Social Researcher
  • Office Coordinator – Urban/Town Planner

Combining Sociology with a Professional Study:*

Sociology & Physical Therapy
Sociology & Occupational Therapy
Sociology & Writing
Sociology & Marketing
Sociology & Human Resources
Sociology & Early Education
Sociology & Elementary Education
Sociology & Secondary Education

* Students interested in any of the combinations above should contact a Sociology advisor as early as possible.

Talk with a career counselor