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Sociology is the systematic and scientific study of social life, from peer groups to mass media to the global society. The Sociology Program at Sacred Heart University is value driven and the faculty provide a course of study that fosters awareness of social conflict and inequality while highlighting practices and structures that promote healthy self-development, cohesive family and community, and a fair and just society. 

Our students study the social nature of humans and the structure of our social world.  We encourage students to be mindful of social problems such as class inequality, ethnic conflict, family breakdown, and alienation and to think in terms of solutions. Students learn social theory and research methodologies to better comprehend major societal developments and to investigate them. They conduct program and policy assessments. During their senior year, students work closely with a faculty member as they conduct original research for their senior thesis. Our graduates find this training in applied sociology to be indispensable in their chosen careers, for example, as they promote education reform, reduce discrimination in the workplace, and counsel young adults.

In contrast to many Sociology programs, we have a single dedication to the bachelor's degree in sociology. This allows for a more coherent and focused course of study. Our curriculum is designed around the themes of social change and ethics.

Student Learning Outcomes of the Sociology Major

  1. Develop and apply a sociological imagination
  2. Analyze the causes and consequences of social inequality
  3. Analyze social/cultural diversity and complexity
  4. Evaluate and apply social theory
  5. Apply scientific methods in conducting research
  6. Design, conduct, and present an original sociological study

Student Testimonials

"The classes pushed me to dig a little deeper into myself.  It changed my perception on many issues in life."   

"The Sociology program challenges you as a person.  It makes you think of things or subjects in ways you never would or did."   

"Professors take an active interest in their students."

Sociology Degree Programs Offered

Latest News

Activist Urges SHU Students to Follow Ideas for Social Justice

February 20, 2019

Students, faculty and local community members gathered at the Frank and Marisa Martire Business & Communication Center’s theater to hear Missouri activist Cori Bush speak as a part of the Human Journey Colloquia Series. Bush discussed her experiences with police violence and resource deprivation during the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting in the St. Louis and Ferguson areas of Missouri in the summer of 2014. Bush is a pastor, community activist, educator and nurse who saw an opportunity for change in the wake of the Ferguson unrest. Since then, Bush has run as a Democrat for Missouri's 1st Congressional District.

The Hour: In historically poor neighborhoods, success is elusive

November 19, 2018

"These are trends seen nationwide, according to Sacred Heart University Sociology Professor Gerald Reid, and are not particularly novel. Poverty is, through laws and policies, concentrated and then passed down. Those confined to it often suffer. But the interactive map allows policy makers and members of the public to view the unjust trends in more vivid, and hopefully, more instructive ways."

Professor Named National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar

April 25, 2018

Sacred Heart University sociology professor Gerald Reid recently was accepted as a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Scholar and will attend seminars at the NEH Summer Institute in Walla Walla, Washington, in June. The institute is entitled “The Native American West: A Case Study of the Columbia Plateau” and focuses on the importance of a sense of place and landscape within Native American culture and identity.