Degree Requirements

Social Work Class
The MSW degree is a total of 60 credits for the full program.

A capstone project is required for graduation and incorporates both the generalist and specialized course work. 

The program requires 1,100 hours of field practicum to be conducted over the course of the program. Sacred Heart University currently has an extensive network of agencies eager to accept graduate-level students. Agencies include those in urban and suburban settings, and public and private not-for- profit organizations such as: schools, hospitals, adult mental health clinics, juvenile justice, adult probation, substance abuse programs, disabilities, adoptions, child protective services, public housing, domestic violence, refugee and re-settlement, adult psychiatric services and children’s mental health.

Advanced Standing students will already have completed approximately half of the field practicum hours in the BSW program and will enter the master’s program at the Specialized Year. The Advanced Standing student will be required to complete a 550 hour field practicum.