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Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is an active and engaged organization run by students and committed to carrying out the mission of the profession within the University community as well as the community at large. This club is dedicated to raising awareness of current social issues, and discussing the profession of social work all around. Committed to the equality and well being of every human being and social justice. The club focuses on mentoring fellow students and conducting community service activities. The club interacts with the professional social work community through a variety of speakers and events that deepens the understanding of the profession. Membership in the club is not limited to Social Work students only.  All are welcome who wish to work towards the common good and to advocate for vulnerable populations.

“Social Work Club is a great way to get involved with something greater than yourself. We give back to the community through various drives and activities. This club gives you the opportunity to work with others that have the same passion as you and want to better themselves and others. Through this club, I’ve been able to share my ideas and learn more about the social work profession and potential careers for my future.” -Brittany Welkes, Class of 2019


Patricia Carl-Stannard
Clinical Associate Professor
Academic Building HC 219 E
Tel: 203-371-7769


Deanna Doherty