Career Outlook

This Master’s program prepares students for advancement in their current careers, especially for positions as managers or program directors. Furthermore, because of the strong emphasis in the core of the program on applied research methods, the degree is also excellent preparation for future doctoral work. Clinical Psychology doctoral programs are extremely competitive, and a master’s degree in psychology, especially one like ours that includes courses on counseling and assessment, can be very helpful in preparing a student for admission to one of these programs.

The Master of Science in Applied Psychology would be appropriate for several types of students. Those students who have recently received bachelor’s degrees in Psychologyor other disciplines would find this program to be excellent preparation for careers in human resource management, social service agency administration and positions in federal, state and local government. These students would also find the program to be an excellent foundation for further graduate education, if they wish to pursue such a path. With its emphasis on the application of scientific knowledge to real-world settings and problems, the program is also very appropriate for those professionals who are already working in a human services field, school, or workplace and wish to further their careers.

This program provides a valuable foundation for its graduates that also benefits potential employers. With courses in program development and evaluation, individual psychological assessment, life span development, ethical and legal issues, multiculturalism and the identification of mental health problems in the general population, the program imparts skills and knowledge that are readily applicable in virtually any setting. The concentrations in community psychology and industrial organizational psychology also provide practical skills that enable students to develop competence in a wide variety of employment settings.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers opportunities in applied psychology, including community agencies, schools, corporations and government jobs, are on the rise. Specifically, in the area of Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Managers and Specialists, employment is expected to grow by 17%, careers in Counseling are expected to grow by 21%, and careers in Social and Human Services Assistance are expected to grow by 34%, all of which are faster than the average growth rate for all occupations!