Degree Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor's degree with a major in Psychology, all students must complete the core/general education requirements. In addition, before enrolling in the first major course (PS 201 Research Design and Analysis I) PS 110 and two semesters of college level math, including MA 131 Elementary Statistics, with a C+ average in both math courses and neither grade below C must be complete.

Required Courses | 38 credits

  • PS 110 Introduction to Psychology
  • PS 201 Research Design and Analysis I
  • Four Psychology electives (200 or 300 level; at least one 300 level is required)
  • PS 302 Experimental Research (4 credits)
  • PS 335 Human and Animal Learning
  • PS 351 Brain and Behavior 
  • PS 380 Advanced Psychological Research (4 credits)
  • PS 382 Systems and Theories of Psychology
  • PS 396/397/398 Capstone Experience in Psychology (one course)

Suggested Course Sequence

  • Students are required to take PS 110 as a prerequisite to all other Psychology courses.
  • Students must take PS 201, PS 302, and PS 380 in separate semesters, and PS 382 and PS 396/397/398 should be taken as the last Psychology courses in the major. To finish the program in four years, students must enroll in PS 201 no later than the second semester of sophomore year (or no later than the summer between junior and senior year, if able to take summer courses).