What Should My Major Be?

Deeva FrankelDespite rumors you may hear, there is no major that you have to be to be a pre-health (medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, physician assistant, podiatry) student. As long as you take the required pre-requisite courses, you can major in anything and still be pre-health. However, you should chose a major that you are passionate about as achieving a good GPA is critical for your application.

Schools do not care what your major is, but rather that you’ve taken the pre-requisite course work and have done well on the admission test. You may hear that you have to be biology, chemistry or something in the natural sciences to be a pre-health student. This is not true. You may hear that certain majors will give you a better chance at getting into medical schools. This is not true. You have distinctive talents, skills, and interests and the best major for you as a pre-health student is unique to you.

Do not choose a major based on what other professors or students tell you. We are the pre-health advisors who have been trained by the Association of American Medical Colleges, and we can give you the facts to help you decide what is best for you. Having “X” major does not give you any advantage over “Y” major. Being a double major gives you no advantage. You should not be pressured or chose a major based on rumors. Choose what’s best for you based on relevant facts and good information! 

Below are links to the pre-requisite course work for each of the health professions that list required coursework and recommended (not required) coursework. Look at these for the health profession(s) you are interested in. Then go to the links for the major checksheets for both the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Health Professions. Notice that the left hand side of the column for each major are all the same. These are the required liberal arts courses you need to take for any major and to graduate from Sacred Heart University. Focus on the right hand side of the checksheets. This is where the major courses will differ. We will fit in your pre-requisite health courses in any major, but look to the upper level courses within that major. Are these the courses you are interested in taking? Are these the courses you are passionate about? Do you feel that these are the courses that will best prepare you for the entrance exams and your pre-health career? Should you have any questions about selection of a major, feel free to contact Dr. Terleph or Dr. Roy.

Pre-Health Requirement Check Sheets

Check Sheets for Majors