Seminars in the Health Professions

The Sacred Heart Pre-Health Advisement Program offers students the opportunity to participate in two health seminars run each year by the Directors of the Pre-Health Advisement Program.

Seminar in the Health Professions | Spring Semester

This course is intended for freshman and sophomores who are interested in pursuing a career in the health professions. Each week a speaker from a health profession comes to discuss the profession and provide first-hand information about the career.  Topics include courses and tests required for admittance to respective health profession school, debt and timeline to recover from debt, salaries, realistic timelines for purchasing homes/starting a family/family time, daily professional life, life of call and non-traditional jobs they could explore with their degrees.  The seminar provides students with the information they need to find the right health career for them. 

Advanced Seminar in the Health Professions | Fall Semester

This course is intended for Juniors and Seniors pursuing a career in the health professions. The class meets once a week for seminar discussions and other activities associated with planning for and applying to schools in the relevant health professions. Discussions include advice on course selections that are required for different schools, any relevant revisions to the course offerings at SHU, and the timing of registration for courses in relation to exams such as the MCAT, DAT, OAT, PharmCAT or GRE exam. We also discuss the balance between pre-health requirements and other academic and extracurricular goals, and discuss which paths may be most aligned with your own values, abilities and interests. In addition to seminar discussions, you will hear from invited speakers such as alumni at different points in their health profession careers, admission directors of different schools and coordinators of programs that provide extracurricular clinical opportunities.  Students learn about the logistics and timelines for the application process, write their personal statements under the guidance of trained faculty and participate in mock interviewing.  Additionally, any student who receives and interview is afforded a private mock-interview with the advising team.