Minor in Theology & Religious Studies

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What will I study?

Our minor in Theology and Religious Studies will prepare you to critically engage the core questions of life. You will understand what religion is, how religions develop and how religious believers articulate and act upon their beliefs. You will understand various influential theories of religion and respond to challenges that religious communities encounter in the contemporary world.

Further, you will gain a theological appreciation for Christian—and specifically Catholic—history and theology. Our program enables you to use the resources of theological and religious traditions to better understand and analyze contemporary questions in science, culture, ethics, and politics.

Curriculum | 18 credits

The Minor in Theology and Religious Studies requires the completion of 18 credits.

  • A Foundational Core course in Theology and Religious Studies (3 credits)
  • Five additional courses in Theology and Religious Studies (15 credits), which also may include any of the following:
    • CIT 201
    • CIT 202
    • FYRS 125
    • RSCC 104

Is a minor in Theology & Religious Studies right for me?

Our minor allows you to explore your interests in Theology and Religious Studies with sufficient depth and yet with minimal interference to your major course of study. Having such a minor signals to graduate schools and employers that your interests are broad and that you have sought out a well-rounded educational experience. The minor is also very useful if you are involved in your local parish or ministry and need some background in theology.

When should I declare a minor?

You should declare a minor as soon as possible. To declare a minor, please stop by the department and talk to Department Chair.