Michael Ventimiglia, Ph.D.

Michael Ventimiglia, Ph.D.

Associate Professor , Philosophy

Dr. Ventimiglia co-directs the Hersher Institute for Applied Ethics and oversees the University’s Art of Thinking course required of all freshmen.

Dr. Ventimiglia has been a member of the Philosophy Program at Sacred Heart University since 2001. He plays piano and rides motorcycles, but never at the same time.

Degrees and Certifications

    • B.A. in Computer Science and Philosophy from Fordham University
    • M.A. in Philosophy from Fordham
    • Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Pennsylvania State University

Teaching Responsibilities

    • Introduction to Philosophy
    • Love in the Western Tradition
    • American philosophy
    • The Art of Thinking
    • Evolution, Philosophy, Christianity

Research Interests and Grants

    Dr. Ventimiglia's research focus is American philosophy, especially American Pragmatism, as well as philosophical and biological perspectives on love and altruism.

Awards and Fellowships

    • University’s Excellence in Teaching award in 2005

Publications and Presentations

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    • Reclaiming the Cosmology: Existential Abduction and the Growth of the Self,” Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 44:4. 2008
    • “Bruce Springsteen or Philosophy” In Bruce Springsteen and Philosophy, Randall Auxier, Doug Anderson, eds. (Chicago, IL: Open Court Press.) 2008.
    • “Seven Lessons in Philosophy You Already Learned Playing Texas Hold ’Em.” In Poker and Philosophy, Eric Bronson, ed. (Chicago, IL: Open Court Press.) 2006.
    • “Three Educational Orientations: A Peircean Perspective on Education and the Growth of the Self,” Studies in Philosophy and Education 24: 291-308.  2005.
Michael Ventimiglia, Ph.D.

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