Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

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What will I study?

The Philosophy program at Sacred Heart provides a place and the tools for you to reflect comprehensively and rigorously about many of the profound questions that we have asked and pursued as a human family over the centuries. Philosophy also provides the conceptual tools to understand our lived experiences and disclose dimensions of meaning hidden in our everyday lives. 

The program provides a broad range of electives, dealing with historical movements, great philosophical figures of the past and present, perennial philosophical themes, and contemporary issues. Courses are offered in the major branches of philosophy: logic, epistemology, ethics, anthropology, and metaphysics, among others. The major has a requirement of 30 credits and can easily combine with a second major and with any minor or concentration.

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Why choose Philosophy at SHU?

Philosophy students are among the highest performing students on standardized tests such as the LSAT, GRE and GMAT because Philosophy enables you to think critically and logically. With Philosophy you gain tools to help you clarify and solve problems in any professional field and Philosophy helps you probe deeper questions about the human person, existence, God and the lived human experience.

The full-time faculty at Sacred Heart have degrees from top philosophy programs. They are active in publishing books and articles and in presenting at national and international conferences. Most importantly, they are highly accessible to their students. They tailor their mentorship of each major and minor to the particular academic needs and aspirations of that student. We encourage you to consider the opportunity our program offers you: to do the most challenging—and potentially the most rewarding—thinking you have done so far in your life.

Will I have internship opportunities?

Yes, students in all majors are encouraged to complete an internship. We encourage you to speak to your advisor and the department chair about opportunities that are relevant to Philosophy students. If you are interested in pursuing an internship, you should contact the Career Development and Placement Center for assistance in finding appropriate opportunities. Any internship for credit must also be approved in advance by the academic department.

What are my career opportunities with a Philosophy degree?

Besides gaining many critical work skills, you could:

  • Go to law school
  • Earn a graduate degree in Philosophy
  • Attend Business school
  • Pursue a career in Administration/Management
  • Pursue a career in Government

Our graduates have been hired for full-time positions at Fordham University, Catholic University of America, and Villanova University. Students who have recently graduated from the program have gone on to graduate studies in philosophy at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and St. John's College in New Mexico.

Want to hear about more opportunities?

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Are there special admission requirements?

No, we have an open admission policy. Incoming first-year students and transfer students may declare the Philosophy major when you apply for admission to Sacred Heart University.

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Will I have research opportunities?

Yes, our students take specific high-level classes, including a major capstone, providing them with the opportunity to write original research papers. One student recently presented her paper on the meaning of ethics to a philosophy conference at the College of the Holy Cross.

What co-curricular activities are available?

Various student clubs for majors and interested studies feature small-group discussions with faculty every week. Occasionally students attend field trips to academic conferences and graduate schools to which they might apply.

What facilities and resources are available to students?

Philosophy majors are often interested in a teaching career, so our majors serve as teaching assistants and tutors in courses such as Historical Development of Philosophy. Close interaction with full-time faculty and opportunities for independent studies round-out our student's plan of study. The department suite features a comfortable conference room, study space, and socialization space where students feel welcome.

Will I be able to study abroad?

Yes, students can take one or more of their courses for the major in the study abroad programs in Ireland, Rome, and elsewhere.    

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