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For many of us, our time in college is the only opportunity we will ever have to pause and think carefully about some of the questions which we all have as human beings: 

  • Is there a level of reality that cannot be known by the senses?
  • Does God exist?
  • Do our lives have more than an earthly meaning?
  • Are there objective moral standards to which we are all responsible?
  • Even if God or ethical standards do exist, is there any reason to think that we can have any certain knowledge about them?

These are basic human questions, and Philosophy is the discipline that addresses these questions in the most systematic and rigorous way. How we answer these questions will affect how we think about ourselves and our world for the rest of our lives.

The Philosophy major or minor at Sacred Heart University provides an opportunity for you to address these questions over a sustained period of time with the assistance of your professors, your peers, and the works of those who have thought about them in the past. We encourage you to consider the opportunity our program offers you: to do the most challenging - and potentially the most rewarding - thinking you have done so far in your life. Any of the accomplished faculty in the program would be happy to talk with you more about what is involved in the study of Philosophy.

The program accomplishes its goals for all students in the core curriculum: each Sacred Heart University student is required to take an introductory (200 level) course in Philosophy and the same in Theology and Religious Studies. Department faculty and their courses also figure in other parts of the curriculum, such as in First Year Seminars, The Art of Thinking, the Human Journey, and the Thematic Liberal Arts. In addition, students may explore these opportunities systematically by choosing a major or minor in Philosophy.

Philosophy Degree Programs Offered

Student Testimonials

While many of my fellow first year students were hesitant to participate in our seminar discussions, I was completely comfortable voicing my opinion and felt as though I was able to articulate my arguments well because Sacred Heart classes were so focused on discussion and not just lecture. My writing, the most important skill to me as a grad student, was only able to reach the level that it did while I was an undergraduate because my professors themselves graded all our assignments. My professors all took time to get to know me as a person and not just a student, and I felt as though I was truly supported and inspired by such wonderful people. They have truly gotten me where I am today.

~ Jacqueline Willy, Ph.D. Candidate

As the founder of an educational technology business, I found that the core skills developed during my time studying philosophy prepared me more than any business-related education could have. Majoring in philosophy, I learned how to approach any given problem—be it a business decision, ethical dilemma, or technology-related issue—with the skill-set needed to identify, research, and provide a solution to that problem. My philosophy education elevated my abilities in writing, public speaking, and critical reading, without which I would never have achieved any of the success I have had after graduation. The Philosophy Department’s incredibly smart, caring, and attentive faculty and staff and its high-quality classes that demanded critical thinking and problem-solving were important parts of my being able to found a million-dollar-valued company.

~ Paul Bancroft, Founder and COO of GradeStar LLC