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Middle Eastern Studies is an interdisciplinary course of study that is designed to introduce students to the history, politics, religion, art andMiddle Eastern Studies literature, languages, and societies of the Middle East, which includes the Arab nations, Turkey, Iran, and Israel.  The faculty associated with the minor in Middle Eastern Studies is committed to engaging students in a multi-discipline exploration of the Middle East, according to the distinct perspectives of their scholarship in specific fields of inquiry. 

In the increasingly complicated interrelation of the contemporary global community, and in the complexity of the specific interlocking of American and Middle Eastern interests, students are strongly encouraged to gain an enhanced knowledge and informed understanding of the Middle East, its people, cultures, and traditions. 

The minor in Middle Eastern Studies, balanced among the basic modalities of language, history, religion and socio-politics, will provide students with a sound foundation upon which they can build further study in fields related to this most critical region of the world. 

The minor in Middle Eastern Studies is a natural complement to any major; however, for students majoring in such disciplines as Criminal Justice, History, Government and Politics, Sociology, Religious Studies, and Business, exposure to the academic courses of study offered in the Middle Eastern Studies minor will afford them the necessary background to propel them into preferred programs of graduate study or highly valued professional careers.