Hip Hop Production

  Hip hop dance production

This high-energy course is designed to help you not only work on Hip-Hop movement and technique, but also musicality and quality of movement. Music will be chosen from various genres (R&B, House, Club, and current Hip-Hop favorites). This is an applied course where students will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of key concepts and personal growth through class performances, various across-the-floor combinations, and an end of the year performance. In addition to applied dance technique, this course includes an introduction to various notable performers and choreographers presented through videos, classes, and live performances.

The class is taught by Kim Elliott, dance educator, choreographer and performer. Kim obtained her MA in Dance Education from NYU, Steinhardt, where she received the Outstanding in Dance Education award. A NYC native, Kim’s first love has always been hip hop dance. Although her training extends to other dance forms, she always challenges herself to bridge the gap between the streets and the stage of hip hop dance culture. Currently Kim is the dance director at The Beacon School in Manhattan, an Adjunct Professor at NYU where she teaches Hip Hop Dance Technique and Pedagogy and a Hip Hop teacher at Peridance. Kim has performed, choreographed and taught at various NYC venues including Aaron Davis Hall, Peridance, Beacon Theatre, Producers' Club and Radio City Music Hall for NYU Steinhardt’s graduation ceremony. Furthermore, she has extended her knowledge abroad in Uganda, where she taught master hip hop classes and choreographed for the Queen of Uganda. Kim is most proud of her growth as a dance educator and choreographer and working with different students on all levels in all styles of hip hop dance culture.

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