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The SHU Dance Company program is designed for advanced, pre-professional dance students, with daily class offerings available in classical ballet, contemporary modern dance, jazz dance, tap, hip hop and musical theatre dance.

Program Highlights

  • Dance Company students are able to enjoy the benefits of a conservatory style higher education dance program in conjunction with earning their degree of choice. Our dance company students are undergraduate Nursing majors, Occupational Therapy, DPT, Media Arts etc. and may also be actively involved in Greek Life, Community Service and other aspects of student life.
  • Students in the dance company are given numerous performance opportunities both on and off campus, starting as early as their Freshman year! Some of our on – campus performance opportunities are held in the beautiful Edgerton Theatre and include; A Midnight Cabaret, SHU Dance Company Winter Concert, SHU Dance Company Spring Concert & SHU/SLAM, an urban arts showcase.
  • Students enjoy the opportunity to work with top industry professional choreographers and distinguished dance faculty who strive to bring out the very best in technique, artistry, and creativity in each student. Students feel safe and supported to take risks while reaching toward their highest potential as artists.
  • Students earn one academic credit per semester for active participation in the Dance Company (a great option for anyone considering a Dance Minor!)
  • Sacred Heart University Dance Programs are proud institutional members of the American College Dance Association and proud participants in the World Dance Movement held in Bari, Italy each summer. Participating company members also perform and compete in the International Dance Competition.
  • Performing Arts Dance Grants and Scholarships are available for active participation in the Dance Company. Grants/Scholarships can range from $2,500 - $7,500. Annual/Renewable. Grant eligibility is determined through meeting the audition requirements as well as admissions and financial aid requirements. Additional scholarship awards for dance are earned in the audition stage and are available for newly admitted students only.

More Information

Kari Williams
Director of Dance
Tel: 203-396-8059