Audition Information

Dance Program Auditions

Dance Audition FlyerAttending a dance audition class at SHU will allow us to determine the best and most appropriate dance programs for you. The audition is held on campus and consists of an hour long general movement based dance class followed by individual solos that you come prepared with. The assessment will consist of:

  • Understanding of movement principles
  • Performance Quality
  • Sequence Memory
  • Coordination
  • Musicality

The solo must be 2 – 3 minutes in length and should be in the style which you feel shows your greatest perceived strengths as a dancer. You may submit more than one solo if you would like to showcase more than one style. 

Parents are NOT permitted to observe the audition class

Video Submissions

Every attempt should be made to participate in person for the dance audition. Students who are not able to audition in person may submit a video audition via sharable link to a private YouTube page, Vimeo or Google Drive. Students should follow instructions above for solo requirements. The video must be a solo and should only show the dancer who is auditioning. We cannot accept videos of group dances, even in cases where the auditioning student has pointed themselves out. 

What to bring to your audition:

  • Resume
  • Headshot (should not exceed 8x10 in size)
  • Music on Phone or iPod for solo

Do NOT send these materials prior to your audition. All materials are non-returnable.

Audition Process

An audition is required to be considered for participation in the pre-professional dance company as well as for dance grant consideration in our recreational dance ensemble program. You may choose a private audition scheduled at your convenience during a campus visit or tour.

Register for an audition here:

Upon audition registration, a detailed itinerary with the time and location of your audition will be emailed to you. Candidates will be notified of their placement and potential dance grant/scholarship opportunities via email shortly after their audition date.