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Sacred Heart University Dance Programs are a profound source of energy and artistry on the Sacred Heart University campus. We offer a variety of programs to suit any level of interest, commitment and passion for dance. Students are encouraged to engage in exploration, creation and the critical thinking process all while preparing for longevity and viability within the dance world on their chosen path. For each student this means, a deeper understanding of their moving bodies, confidence in their choice to study dance at Sacred Heart and an awakening to the kaleidoscope of possibilities that could exist within their lives as a result of this choice. Our dance faculty and staff are committed to the development of well-rounded, aesthetically aware students using various forms and approaches to elevate learning.

Members are offered a variety of classes and programs which are available to enrich both their academic and artistic experience - Dance Company is a pre-professional program encompassing ballet, modern, contemporary, world dance, jazz and tap dance taught by professional instructors. Dance Ensemble is a student run program for those who want to choreograph and create their own work for public performance. Other ensembles include Ballroom Dance, Hip Hop Production and our award winning, competitive Irish Dance Ensemble, The Claddagh Dancers.

Dancers find themselves immersed in a world of creativity! All of our dance programs allow students the opportunity to perform and several of these performances are held throughout the year in our beautiful Edgerton Theatre. Each performance becomes a portrait of the community that we have created. This sense of community ensures that students develop as artists and people all while solidifying lifelong friendships amongst one another.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our next open houses or performances!


Dance Company | Audition Required

The Dance Company at Sacred Heart University is a Pre-Professional performance company. Interested students should have a minimum of three years of studio training and be proficient in at least two disciplines of dance. Students participate in classes and choreography sessions with master faculty, guest choreographers and artists in residence. Students may earn up to one credit per semester for participation in this program as well as have many opportunities perform in staged productions throughout the year. Dance Company students train and perform in ballet, modern, contemporary and world dance forms, jazz and tap dance.

Dance Ensemble | Audition Required: All experience levels welcome!

The Dance Ensemble is a student-run, zero credit program for students who love dance and want to continue being a part of staged productions without the commitment of course work. Students are welcome to submit works of choreography for consideration in several performances throughout the year. Dance Ensemble students enjoy learning choreography from their peers in all styles of dance including but not limited to; jazz, hip hop, contemporary, tap and world dance forms.

Hip Hop Production  | No Audition Required

Hip Hop Production is a high-energy program designed for experienced Hip Hop dancers to further develop movement and technique, but also musicality, rhythm, precision and quality of movement. Students participate in classes and choreography sessions with faculty and guest teaching artists. Students may earn up to one credit per semester for participation in this program as well as have many opportunities perform in staged productions throughout the year.

Irish Dance Ensemble | Audition Required

The The Claddagh Dancers: SHU Irish Dance Ensemble is a high skill level, competitive Irish dance group. Student participate in one credit classes and choreography sessions weekly to learn modern and traditional choreography in both hard and soft shoe. They get to dance in many shows for the University and get the chance to compete in intercollegiate competitions. The program focuses on enhancing the skill level of already competitive Irish dancers, and allowing them to continue dance through their college experience. 

Contact Director of Dance for information on how to participate.

Student Testimonials

I’ve grown up dancing my entire life and was nervous that I would not be able to dance in college. The Dance Ensemble here at Sacred Heart has allowed me to continue with my passion for dance while balancing my schoolwork and social time, and for that, I am grateful. ~Kristen Kamenides, Class of 2019

Dance Company was an easy way to get involved at SHU while continuing to take dance classes and receive professional instruction. I’ve made some of my best friends through Dance Company while being able to do something I love.  ~Jenna Lynch, Class of 2016

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