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Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts
Box Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 12 - 4pm
Box Office Phone: 203-371-7908
Box Office Fax: 203-365-4858
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Jerry Goehring
Director of the Performing Arts Department
Director of the Theatre Arts Program
Tel: 203-371-7926

James Castonguay, Ph.D.
Director of Academic Performing Arts Program
Tel: 203-371-7710

Alison Roach
Assistant Director of Performing Arts
Tel:  203-396-8496

Marisa Papa
Administrative Assistant
Tel: 203-396-8397

Andreina Sosa
Marketing Coordinator of Performing Arts
Tel: 203-416-3581

Leo Carusone
Assistant Director of Theatre
Tel: 203-396-8496

Kari Williams
Director of Dance
Tel: 203-396-8059


Joe Carter
Director of Academic Music Program
Tel: 203-371-7735

Keith Johnston
Director of Bands
Tel: 203-365-4767

Andy Kolar
Assistant Director of Bands
Percussion Professor
Tel: 203-396-8396

John Michniewicz
Director of Choral Ensembles
Tel: 203-396-8479

Tom Cuffari
Assistant Director of Choral Ensembles
Tel: 203-396-8340

Teresa Hitchcock
Assistant to the Choral Department
Tel:  203-396-8482