Private Lessons

Currently, the Academic Music program offers private instruction in voice, piano (classical, popular and jazz), pipe organ, guitar, trumpet, trombone, woodwinds, percussion and jazz improvisation. Lessons are available for beginners who have never studied before, to advanced students who have previously studied and have attained a high level of achievement. Our expert faculty will custom design and tailor an educational plan based on each student's skill level, abilities and interests.

After filling out the information and application form, students will be assigned a professor on staff, based on schedule and availability.  Students may request a specific teacher on staff (also subject to schedule and availability) if they have previously studied with that instructor. During the course of the semester, each student meets weekly with their instructor for ten 1 hour or ½ hour lessons, and register for a MU131A-J course section for 1 credit (1/2 hour lessons) or 2 credits, MU132A-J (1 hour lessons). The A-J designation indicates the individual professor,  MU131A, for example refers to professor Angela Meyers.  There is an additional fee that will be charged to the student's account. 

The current per semester fee is $265 for the 1 credit (1/2 hour) lessons, and $530 for the 1 hour (2 credit lessons).

After returning the form, students will be contacted by their assigned instructor to arrange a time.  Students will be notified when given clearance to register for their respective lesson course section on WebAdvisor. No student may begin study with an instructor until properly registered. Once registered, the lesson fee is non-refundable.  

Download the Private Lessons Application. Email/Bring completed form to:
Joe Carter
‌‎‌Director of Academic Music Program
Tel: 203-371-7735