Summer 2012 Math Immersion Workshop Update

During the week of July 16th seventeen middle school math teachers/coordinators helped to officially launch the Fairfield County Math Teacher’s Circle by participating in three event filled days of open ended problem solving hosted on the Fairfield campus of SHU. Dr. Japheth Wood from Bard College opened the workshop, facilitating a session on logic. Dr. Wood is the current President of the NY Math Teachers’ Circle. Dr. Jason Molitierno, chair of the SHU Mathematics Department and an enthusiastic supporter of this initiative facilitated the second session on the topic of graph theory. We are appreciative of Dean Seamus Carey’s support throughout the planning stages of the workshop and his sponsorship of our “Meet the team day” that was held in May 2012.

Our sponsors for the summer workshop were the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute-National Aessociation of Math Circles, the American Institute of Mathematics and Sacred Heart University. Participants expressed enthusiasm to return to SHU in the fall for the academic year meetings.

The following are links to hand-outs/resources from the summer workshop that could be used by middle school math teachers, as they deem suitable, in the classroom.
  1. Fractions, Rosemary Danaher, Sacred Heart University
  2. Probability, Rosemary Danaher
  3. Game of Numerical Representation, Workbook, George Goss, Sacred Heart University
  4. Prime Numbers and Divisibility, Prime Number Sieve, Rose Marie Kinik, Professor Emeritus, Sacred Heart University
  5. Graph Theory and Critical Thinking, Jason Molitierno, Sacred Heart University
  6. Exploring Pascal’s Triangle, Picture of Pascal’s triangle, Shawn Rafalski, Fairfield University
  7. Negative Numbers: History and Patterns, Julianna Stockton, Sacred Heart University
  8. Logical Reasoning Problems, Japheth Wood, Bard College and NY Math Teachers’ Circle
  9. Approximations, Japheth Wood
  10. Fun with Counting Numbers, Hema Gopalakrishnan, Sacred Heart University
  11. Euclidean Algorithm, Hema Gopalakrishnan

FCMTC Summer Workshop Photo Gallery

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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