The FCMTC Planning Team at the D.C. workshop, 
"How to Set Up and Run a Math Teachers' Circle."

The FCMTC team consists of six members, including two mathematics professors from Sacred Heart University and four math teachers/coordinators from inner city and suburban school districts in Fairfield County, who are passionate about the teaching of mathematics and wish to make a difference in the teaching and learning of mathematics in the middle grades. They are:
  1. Elizabeth Capasso, Middle School Teacher, Bridgeport Public Schools
  2. Carrie Chiappetta, Director of Math and Science, Stamford Public Schools
  3. Frances D’Agostino, Middle School Math Teacher, Stamford Public Schools
  4. Rosemary Danaher, Instructor of Mathematics, Sacred Heart University
  5. Stephanie Furman, Middle School Math Coordinator, Darien Public Schools
  6. Hema Gopalakrishnan, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Sacred Heart University