Fairfield County Math Teachers' Circle

The Fairfield County Math Teachers’ Circle (FCMTC), a collaboration of University mathematics faculty and middle school mathematics educators, provides high quality professional development with a focus on open-ended-problem-solving to 6th-8th grade teachers in Fairfield County.

Math Teachers CircleProject Background
The first Math Teachers' Circle (MTC) for middle school math teachers was started in 2006 at the American Institute of Mathematics (AIM) in California, and the number of MTCs has been growing nationwide ever since. There are currently 50 math teachers’ circles across the country. The FCMTC was formed in 2011 under the purview of the AIM Math Teachers’ Circle at the D. C. workshop on “How to set up and run and math teachers’ circle”.
Vision and Goals of the FCMTC
At the FCMTC, our vision is to re-kindle teachers’ love and passion for mathematics by empowering them with strong content knowledge along with open-ended-problem-solving skills. 

Our main goals include:

  • Engaging middle school teachers in problem-solving in a supportive environment.
  • Providing teachers with a forum to practice collaboration among their peers and with professional mathematicians.
  • Establishing a support/network of teachers and mathematicians for ongoing discussion of mathematics and pedagogy.

FCMTC sessions
We welcome suggestions and ideas for topics from participating teachers for our sessions. Problems for sessions are chosen primarily from, but not limited to, the resources for sessions section of the Math Teachers’ Circle Network. These topics have deep connections to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM) content for grades 6 – 8. Through open ended problem solving, we want teachers to experience doing mathematics the way mathematicians do and carry this experience to their classroom. This is also in alignment with the standards for mathematics practice of the CCSSM.

For more information, contact:

Hema Gopalakrishnan
Tel: 203-371-7939