Rosemary Danaher, MBA, M.S.

Rosemary Danaher, MBA, M.S.

Professor Rosemary Danaher began teaching at Sacred Heart University in 2005 after having spent the first half of her professional career as an IT and Six Sigma quality manager. She is very excited to be in the classroom with young adults and her teaching philosophy is to create a safe, supportive environment where students can master concepts through the application of critical thinking skills which will assist them in all facets of life. Professor Danaher attempts to tie together her business world experience with classroom exercises whenever possible, to assist students in making a concrete connection between the two. While she teaches a variety of courses her specialties are probability and statistics as well as Calculus I and II. Professor Danaher is a contributor to the Fairfield County Math Teacher’s Circle which focuses on strengthening open ended problem solving skills among local middle school teachers. She is also the author of ‘A Hands-On Approach to Bio-statistics’. Her entire family is passionate about soccer, well everyone except her two dogs. 

Degrees and Certifications

    • MBA
    • M.S.
    • B.S.

Teaching Responsibilities

    • Calculus I and II
    • Introduction to Probability and Statistics
    • Math for Elementary School Teachers
    • College Algebra
    • Pre-Calculus

Research Interests and Grants

    • Bio-statistics as it applies to genetics
    • Exploring mathematics through open ended problem solving
    • MAA Grant in conjunction with Fairfield County Math Teachers Circle

Publications and Presentations

    • Textbook: A Hands-on Approach to Bio-Statistics (now in final draft)
Rosemary Danaher

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