Outcomes and Assessment

Program Goals

  • Develop an appreciation for history and the questions it asks
  • Develop an historical perspective to contemporary problems
  • Develop the professional skills of the historian to research, read, analyze and draw conclusions from documentary evidence and communicate these in written form.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • 100’s level courses: Student will produce a written assignment that demonstrates mastery of the subject matter, familiarity with appropriate secondary readings, an ability to understand and extract significance from primary sources, and in which sources are documented using the Chicago Manual of Style.

  • 200’s level courses: Student will pose an historical question and write a paper that includes a thesis statement, a logical argument, and supporting evidence, and which formulates and defends an historical argument or analyzes a historiographical question.

  • 300’s level courses: Student will write a research paper in which the student poses an historical question that is based on analysis of scholarship and in which he or she employs primary documents to formulate and defend a thesis