Minor in American History

history classroomThis minor will provide a strong foundation in American history for a variety of programs and majors. Obtaining a more comprehensive understanding of American history will provide Sacred Heart University students in many majors with historical context for their future careers. When faced with decisions about strategy, planning, or policy, for example, students who complete this minor will be able to develop positions based on a thorough grasp of similar circumstances in the American past. Additionally, students who complete the American History minor will be able to contribute intellectually to debates regarding the potential impact of the past on current trends and challenges, as well as upcoming opportunities. This minor will enhance the preparedness of Sacred Heart students for civic engagement within their communities, both locally and nationally, and in their professions for years to come.

Required Courses | 18 credits

  • HI 222 United States History to 1865
  • HI 223 United States History since 1865
  • Four American History electives from the current History course list:
    • HI 129 History of Sports in America
    • HI 224 Society in Colonial America
    • HI 225 African-American History
    • HI 226 The American Revolution
    • HI 228 The Immigrant Experience
    • HI 229 Westward Movement in 19th Century America
    • HI 230 The Civil War
    • HI 231 The Cold War and American Society
    • HI 232 Reconstruction and Post-Civil War America
    • HI 233 Gilded Age and Progressive Era
    • HI 234 Catholicism in American Society
    • HI 235 Women in American Society
    • HI 237 American Environmental History
    • HI 322 U.S. Foreign Policy
    • HI 377 The Great Depression and New Deal