Senior Capstone

The capstone for students of history is to complete, during their senior year, an extended thesis paper, ranging from 35-55 pages in length. There are two tracks for the Senior Capstone: track one is an individualized study with an advisor leading to a Senior Thesis; track two is a Senior Seminar with collective study and writing with a group of students under the supervision of a professor. Through the collegial discussion in a senior seminar, or closely guided work with their individual advisor, students produce s a paper that can make them truly proud. Beyond the often indirect and secondary record of grades and grade-point averages, or letters of reference, the senior capstone paper demonstrates a direct and primary example of the student's potential and abilities to future graduate school professors or employers.

Senior Capstone
Select Track One or Two:

 One 302, 397, 398; Two 396, 396

 HI 397

 Senior Thesis Preparation (2 cr)

 IL 302

 Informational Literacy for History (1 cr)

 HI 398

 Senior Thesis (3 cr)

 HI 395        

 Senior Seminar Preparation (3 cr)

 HI 396

 Senior Seminar (3 cr)