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Why choose Pre-Law/Political Science at SHU?

Political Science is among the programs that prepare students for law school. Our major requires critical thinking, research and public speaking. Such a skill set is essential for law school admissions and a legal profession. Political Science graduates have been accepted into many prestigious law schools. Many of our alumni are very successful and highly regarded attorneys.

What law schools have your graduates enrolled in?

If you are interested in attending law school after graduation, as over 25% of our graduates do, you should know that our department has an exceptional history of placing students in good law schools — including Cornell, Vanderbilt, Boston College, Boston University, New York University, Rutgers, Suffolk, the University of Washington, the University of North Carolina, Southern Methodist University, the University of Connecticut, George Washington University, Syracuse, Kansas University, Villanova, and the University of Maine. 

What co-curricular activities are available?

To help facilitate the transition to Law School, the Department's Pre-Law Club serves the academic, professional, and social needs of students on their way to law school.

Are there special admission requirements?

Admission into a law school requires a bachelor's degree earned in any area of study. Pre-law is not a major or minor; there are no specific courses required to be admitted into law school. Yet not all courses of study are created equal. Students should choose a discipline that fosters the skills required of them to gain admission into a good law school and succeed once they get there. According to the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC), Political Science is by far the most common major for law school applicants. Others include English, History, and Psychology.

For more information, contact Dr. Gary Rose, the pre-law advisor for the Department of Government.

More Information?

For more information regarding the Pre-Law program and the Pre-Law Club, contact Gary L. Rose, Ph.D., the Department Chairperson.