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Globalization has brought about rapid change as citizens, governments, and markets worldwide have become increasingly interdependent. Today’s college graduates will need the knowledge, skills and abilities to thrive in a competitive, globalized economy. 

The Global Studies major and the 18-credit minor respond to the demands of the 21st century by equipping students with competencies through a broad based and multidisciplinary program designed to prepare them for global engagement. They were designed for students who have strong international interests who wish to pursue those interests in a program of study. The department also offers a 3 + 3 Bachelor’s & J.D. Program.

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Ambassador's Roundtable Meeting
Associate Professor Lesley DeNardis,
former Director of the Global Studies Program,
Bridget Hughes, Global Studies Major, and Kay Maxwell,
the Executive Director of the World Affairs Forum
in Stamford. The photo was taken at the
Ambassador’s Roundtable meeting where Dr.
Andrew Kuchins gave a talk entitled “What
Went Wrong in the U.S. - Russia relationship
and how can we fix it?"

The Global Studies program also prepares students to assume their role as global citizens who are poised to contribute to the human community, one which transcends national borders and boundaries. As such, there is a need for graduates who have the requisite knowledge regarding the complexity and interdependence of the human community and who possess a broad understanding of the interconnectedness of global processes. Students who understand the diverse historical, political cultural, social, religious, and economic influences present in different societies will be prepared to participate as global citizens in order to confront and contribute to the resolution of global challenges.

What Will I Study?

In the Global Studies program you will:

  • Learn diverse perspectives for approaching global problems
  • Understand contemporary global problems within their historical, political, cultural, social, and linguistic contexts
  • Develop and articulate solutions to global problems through critical thinking, analysis, oral and written communication.
  • Experience other cultures and develop foreign language skills through a study abroad experience

Will I be able to study abroad?

Adyel Duran
Global Studies Major, Adyel Duran '17 won best poster
in the social sciences category at the 2017 Academic
Festival for his study "The Alleviation of Slum Poverty
in the Philippines: A Critical Examination of Poverty
Reduction Programs"

Study abroad is an integral part of the Global Studies program. Majors are required to spend a semester abroad in a foreign country. There are a variety of SHU and SHU affiliated study abroad programs including Luxembourg, Italy, Costa Rica and Ireland among others. In addition, students may choose from a list of pre-approved programs maintained by the Office of Global Affairs that extends SHU’s global reach to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

Global Studies majors should consult as early as possible with the Program Director and the Office of Global Affairs to tailor a study abroad experience that will fulfill their individual interests and academic program requirements.   

Possible study abroad scenarios:

  • Imagine you are a Global Studies major with an interest in European politics and Italian language. Why not spend a semester at John Cabot University in Rome where you can fulfill your academic degree requirements and hone your Italian language skills?
  • Or maybe you are looking to explore Latin American history, politics and culture and wish to become fluent in Spanish. You have the option to spend a semester in Spain or a summer in Costa Rica through a SHU sponsored program where you will pursue intensive Spanish language study combined with other coursework. 
  • Perhaps you are looking to combine business courses with Global Studies. Luxembourg may be the right fit with a variety of business and liberal arts courses along with foreign language study at this SHU campus in the heart of Europe.

View the Study Abroad website

Will I have internship opportunities?

Students may complete an internship for credit. Options include working for government, for-profit, or non-profit entities whose core mission entails an international focus. Internships may also be performed in a foreign country while participating in a study abroad program. Students are encouraged to consult with the Program Director as early as possible to identify possible internship sites.

Will I have research opportunities?

The Global Studies program affords students the option of writing a thesis. Students currently in the program are preparing their theses on topics such as Foreign Aid to Latin America and Mexican Immigration to the United States.

What are my career options with a Global Studies degree?

Versatility is one of the major strengths of the Global Studies degree. The following are some possible career paths open to Global Studies majors:

  • International trade/business
  • International law
  • State Department analyst
  • Cross-cultural trainer
  • Peace Corps worker
  • Foreign Service professional
  • Relief worker
  • International nonprofit professional 
  • Graduate programs

What co-curricular activities are available to me?

Students in Global Studies program are encouraged to join the Model United Nations and the Model United Nations Club.

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Latest News & Events

International Education Week

November 6, 2018

The Office of Global Affairs presents International Education Week: Saturday, November 10, 2018 - Friday, November 16, 2018.

Sacred Heart Hosts Constitution Day Discussions

September 25, 2018

Sacred Heart University observed Constitution Day with two distinguished guest lecturers Sept. 17 and 20. Carol Platt Liebau, president of the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, kicked off the week with a lecture Sept. 17 about the first amendment. Peter T. Zarella, retired Connecticut Supreme Court associate justice, discussed the roles of judges and branches of government at his lecture later in the week.

SHU Awarded Grant for Guatemala Student Exchange

June 21, 2018

Sacred Heart University, in collaboration with Guatemala’s Universidad Rafael Landívar, has won a $25,000 grant to debut a community-engaged student exchange among undergraduates in the health professions at both universities.