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The Department of Government houses the Political ScienceGlobal Studies and Criminal Justice programs as well as the Master of Public Administration program. The Department of Government consists of accomplished faculty, several whom are widely published and nationally known for their scholarship.‎

Political Science

The Political Science major seeks to awaken in students an appreciation and an understanding of politics and government in the broadest and deepest sense. It considers democratic governance the key to civilization and ethics as central to democratic life. 

Courses are offered in four major areas: American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Classroom learning is enriched in a number of ways, including field trips to the state Capitol, Washington, D.C.; internships with legislators in the Connecticut General Assembly; Washington and district office internships with national legislators; election campaign and party organization internships; and internships with public administrators. More Information...

Global Studies

Globalization has brought about rapid change as citizens, governments, and markets worldwide have become increasingly interdependent. Today’s college graduates will need the knowledge, skills and abilities to thrive in a competitive, globalized economy. 

The major in Global Studies responds to the demands of the 21st century by equipping students with competencies through a broad based and multidisciplinary program designed to prepare them for global engagement.  It is designed for students who have strong international interests and wish to pursue those interests in a program of study. More Information...

Public Administration

The Master in Public Administration is a professional degree that prepares individuals for careers in the public sector, government agencies, human service organizations and non-profits. The MPA program consists of a total of 36 credits: a core curriculum of 24 credits and 12 credits of an elective curriculum that can be selected from the following options: non-profit management, emergency management and an individualized concentration of 4 electives from the list approved by the program director. More Information...

Criminal Justice

The Department of Government offers a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, an Accelerated Bachelor's-Master's Degree in Criminal Justice, a Minor in Criminal Justice, as well as a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice. Our full-time and affiliate faculty members are accessible and eager to help you as you progress through this program. More Information. . . 

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Latest News

Connecticut Residents Cite Concerns about Increased Living Costs, Sales Taxes

June 7, 2019

Results from a new poll by Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy, conducted in collaboration with the Hartford Courant, shows many Connecticut residents believe their quality of life remained either “excellent” (19.8 percent) or “good” (40.6 percent), but more than half of residents surveyed (58.7 percent) believe it is “very difficult” or “somewhat difficult” to maintain their standard of living. Their top-reported reasons for this difficulty included increases in state taxes, rising utilities and fuel costs such as electric, gas and oil, and overall increases in the cost of general goods.

Connecticut Residents Support Legalizing Recreational Marijuana

June 3, 2019

This week at the state capitol, final debates over the current budget including taxes, electronic tolls and other potential sources of new income, are in full swing as the state legislature considers a number of bills before the session adjourns on June 5.

Connecticut Residents Opposed to New Taxes, Except on the Wealthy

May 31, 2019

As Governor Ned Lamont and Connecticut lawmakers continue sparring over a new state budget, residents are weighing in on potential new taxes and the Governor’s actions to date. A new poll by Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy, completed in partnership with the Hartford Courant between May 10 and May 23, involved phone and online contact with 1,000 Connecticut residents, most with strong opinions on taxes, potential new sources of revenue and the Governor’s commitment to address these polarizing issues.