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The major in English requires the completion of 39 credits and is organized to include the major core of 33 credits, plus 6 credits taken in one of two areas of concentration: Literature or Writing.

Required Courses for all English concentrations

The English major consists of core classes taken in eight areas with additional courses taken in the student’s area of concentration. The core areas are:

Literature surveys (9 CR)

  • ENG 221/222 British Traditions I and II
  • ENG 231 American Voices I
  • ENG 238 American Experiences

Writing (3 CR)

  • ENG 257 Critical Writing

British Literature (3 CR) 

  • See advisor

American Literature (3 CR)

  • See advisor

Shakespeare (3 CR)

  • ENG 223 Shakespeare

Literary Theory (3 CR)

  • ENG 361 Literary Theory

Multicultural/Diversity (3 CR) 

  • See advisor

Capstone (3 CR)

  • ENG 390 or ENG 391, depending on concentration

In addition to the English major core classes, students with a concentration in Literature must take the following:

  • British Literature (3 CR) See advisor.
  • American Literature (3 CR) See advisor.

Students with a literature concentration should also choose a capstone course in literature (in consultation with their advisor).

In addition to the core classes, students with a concentration in Writing must take the following:

  • Advanced Writing (6 CR)
    • Any writing courses at the 200 or 300 level
    • Upper level writing (6 CR)

Students with a writing concentration should also choose a capstone course in writing (in consultation with their advisor).

Supporting courses for the English major: All English majors must complete one year (two consecutive semesters) of a Modern Foreign Language with a grade of C or better. Permission to fulfill this requirement in a different way may be obtained from the Department Chair and will be granted at the Chair's discretion.

Policy Statement Regarding the English Major Survey Courses

The three  English survey courses—ENG 221, 222, 238 —are foundational to the English major and must be taken by every English major, irrespective of concentration, usually in his or her sophomore year. The courses are normally taken in sequence over two semesters. Until they have been taken, no upper-level literature course may be taken without the permission of the Department Chair. Nor can upper-level literature courses be taken simultaneously with any one of the survey courses without the permission of the Department Chair. Students declaring the major later than their sophomore year and transfer students should consult with their advisors and, if necessary, the Department Chair about their course sequences.

Like all major courses, the three surveys must be passed with a grade of “C” or higher to count toward satisfying major requirements. These courses cannot be repeated. Students are given only one chance to pass them. (A student withdrawing within the first two weeks would not be deemed to have “taken” the course and consequently could register  to take it at a later time.)

After passing all four of the surveys, students will be eligible to enroll in any English course. An English major failing to receive at least a grade of “C” in any of the survey courses should consult with the Chair of the Department of Languages and Literatures.