BS in Chemistry - Traditional

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The B.S. degree requires the completion of 38 major credits, plus 20 credits in the related fields of mathematics and physics for the Traditional concentration.

Required Courses for All Concentrations

  • CH 151 General Chemistry I
  • CH 152 General Chemistry II
  • CH 153 General Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CH 154 General Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CH 221 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH 222 Organic Chemistry II
  • CH 223 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CH 224 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CH 252 Analytical Chemistry
  • CH 254 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
  • CH 331 Physical Chemistry I
  • CH 333 Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
  • CH 351 Instrumental Analysis
  • CH 353 Instrumental Analysis Laboratory
  • CH 393 Undergraduate Project
    or CH 395 Undergraduate Research

Required Supporting Courses for All Concentrations

  • MA 140 Precalculus (waived on examination)
  • MA 151 Introductory Calculus
  • MA 152 Mathematical Analysis I
  • PY 151/153 Principles of Physics I/Physics
  • Laboratory I
  • PY 152/154 Principles of Physics II/Physics
  • Laboratory II

Additional Required Courses for Traditional Concentration

  • CH 332 Physical Chemistry II
  • CH 334 Physical Chemistry Laboratory II
  • CH 355 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Additional Required Supporting Course for Traditional Concentration

  • MA 253 Mathematical Analysis II

A minimum of 10–12 credits of chemistry electives should be taken to enhance career and graduate study opportunities. Electives should be selected in consultation with the student's faculty advisor.

In addition to the above courses, two to three chemistry electives and one to three computer science courses are strongly recommended. For pre-healthprofessions students, BI 111 and BI 112and two Biology courses at the 200 level or higherare recommended.