Student Testimonials

Kevin Hess '15 |  Double major in Biology (concentration in Cellular and Molecular Biology) and Chemistry (concentration in Biochemistry)

Krystal Scinto '15 |  B.S. in Chemistry-Biochemistry with minors in Honors Program & Biology

Krystal ScintoCurrently: Second year student in Doctor of Pharmacy program at UConn

Sacred Heart University’s Chemistry program paved the way for my future career. I made the right decision becoming a Chemistry-Biochemistry major during my sophomore year. The support I received during my time at SHU from my academic advisor to research advisor and professors is unmatched. My academic advisor, Dr. Habboush, always had my best interest at heart in helping me plan my future career. As a chemistry major, it is required to do research and my research advisor, Dr. Alper, helped me become more independent and comfortable in the lab. During interviews, I always get asked about my research experience and this made me a competitive candidate for pharmacy school admission, jobs, and for a research position at UConn. Additionally, the research I started at SHU was completed by a graduate student and became published in the Journal of Chemical Education. The professors in the chemistry program are equally as supportive in all subjects. The class sizes are small, which helped me connect with my professors and gain a deep understanding of the material. I was also involved in the American Chemical Society club, which allowed me the experience of attending two American Chemical Society conferences in Dallas and Denver. The administration helped me register for the classes I needed in order to meet prerequisites for pharmacy school. My entire experience with the Chemistry Department was positive and fulfilled all of my academic needs.

Kevin Rivera '17 | B.S. in Biology with minor in Chemistry

Kevin RiveraDuring my time at Sacred Heart University I was lucky enough to be a part of the Chemistry department. Professor Snetsinger always made class lively and Dr. Alper's lectures instilled his passion for science in his students. I have learned a lot during my time at Sacred Heart and in large part through the caring professors in the department. Learning was always made fun, some of my most memorable moments at Sacred Heart was in Professor Slamet's physics class. If you are considering a chemistry major know that the professors are all very welcoming and truly enjoy teaching.