M.S. Chemistry Non-Thesis Track

34 credits

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M.S. in Chemistry Non-Thesis Track

Designed for students with relevant industry experience and individuals whose employment or other circumstances preclude them from doing a master's thesis.

In this program, you will:

•    Strengthen your knowledge in the basic areas of chemistry—inorganic, organic, physical, analytical and biochemistry

•    Become familiar with the recent advances in the chemistry field

•    Effectively communicate scientific information, both in writing and orally

•    Improve your ability to understand and apply scientific literature in scientific settings

•    Culminate by orally defending an exit exam

Required Chemistry Courses | 16 credits

Course Number & Title Credits
CH 521 Adv. Org. Chemistry
(Or CH 522 Org. Synthesis)
CH 531 Adv. Physical Chemistry I Mol. Structure
(Or CH 532 Adv. Physical Chemistry II Mol. Dyn.)
CH 561 Adv. Analy. Inst. Spectroscopic
(Or CH 562 Adv. Analy. Inst. Chromato.)
CH 553 Adv. Inorganic Chemistry
(Or CH 555 Theoretical Inorg. Chemistry)
CH 595 Adv. Integrated Experimentation
(Can be substituted by an elective course with evidence of substantial lab and instrumental experience)
CH 595L Integrated Experimentation Lab 1
CH598 Comprehensive Exam 1

Elective Courses | 18 credits

Course Number & Title Credits
CH 553 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
CH 525 Supramolecular Chemistry 3
CH 526 Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology 3
CH 529 Special topic: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 3
CH 537 Micro/Nanophase Materials: Chem. Process & Analysis 3
CH 545 Bio-informatics 3
CH 547 Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling 3
CH 556 Chemical Application of Group Theory 3
CH 567 CH-Experimental Design 3
CH 569 Special Topic: Mass Spectrometry 3
CH 571 Adv Environmental Chemistry 3
CH 575 Polymer Chemistry 3
CH 590 Chem-Informatic 3