For Parents

SHU Journey is committed to support your son or daughter in an opportunity to grow in faith as well as to understand themselves more deeply. The many activities and experiences of faith, prayer, reflection, music, conversation, service, and fun will make SHU Journey a transformative experience that can make a difference for your teenager.

Your son or daughter will be under the care and guidance of the SHU Leadership Team which includes the Director of SHU Journey, the Diocesan Coordinator of Youth programs, Faculty Chaplain, Executive Director of Campus Ministry, SHU faculty, College Student Mentors, and Residence Hall Director.

All activities are supervised and the SHU Journey Director, the Coordinator of Youth Programs, and the Residence Hall Director will be living in the Residence Hall with your teenager. We are committed to the care and safety of your son or daughter, and to developing their unique gifts to live life fully in faith. Please see also the section on Safety and Supervision as well as the Code of Conduct and Waiver.