Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct requires understanding from both the student participant and his/her parent.

SHU Journey is committed to the deepening of my faith, my self–understanding, and my spiritual and emotional growth as a responsible young woman or man. To that end, I fully recognize that the following behaviors are detrimental to my participation in the SHU Journey Summer Program and will not be permitted at any time during SHU Journey week. I also understand that committing any of these behaviors will result in my being dismissed from the SHU Journey Summer Program. I understand that the following behaviors are not allowed:

  • disrespectful language or behavior to faculty, Staff, mentors, or Peers
  • disruptive behavior during any activity
  • cell phone use during any activity
  • use of tablet or laptop during any activity
  • inappropriate, offensive, or vulgar language
  • vandalizing University property
  • stealing
  • fighting
  • refusal to participate in any/all activities
  • inappropriate dress
  • absence from any activity